Partnerships with technology providers enable us to visit any farm anywhere daily or weekly for un-interrupted view from planting to harvesting.

A cognitive AI Platform purpose built for Agriculture

We access smart farm sensing analytics from our technology partners to monitor rapidly changing climate and empower farmers to be more sustainable and productive. 

It’s the new way of doing things to feed a growing population that requires a 50% increase in productivity to feed. Requiring us to be more efficient, productive, and sustainable

The Ability to pinpoint the exact location of a crop health problem long before the human eye can see it will benefit farmers and help put more money into their pockets.

We are working with partners to provide actionable information to farmers in real-time across their phones, to help them gain a competitive edge and maximize profits.

Cutting-edge technology enables precise monitoring of crops and individual farm delimitation.  Infrared Red Edge Band offers unparalleled precision for agriculture remote sensing.

The Red Edge band ensures leaf Area Index estimation values on crops. 

Hi-resolution imaging enables the identification of soil moisture variabilities, directed scouting, stand counts, and Vegetation monitoring for the Normalized Differential Vegetation Index.

We share actionable alerts and briefs with subscribed farmers.

We can virtually visit any  farm anywhere, daily or weekly.

HiResolution imagery and NDVI Map of a feedbeet crop in Kiserian Kenya

We apply Computer Vision & machine learning technologies to pinpoint crop and soil anomalies before the human eye can see anything wrong.

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