What we do.

 We provide precision agriculture mechanization services to contracted farmers at below-market cost.

Farmers improve incomes from increased efficiency and yields, fertilizer reduction by more precise placement, pesticide reduction by more accurate application, fuel cost savings due to fewer overlaps and better monitoring, water savings through more accurate sensing on needs.

The tractor GPS navigation app provides record keeping, such as farmers’ field location map, area, crop rotation, history, costing and yield records.

The farmer receives a bankable record and balance sheet for their plot after harvesting.

We provide the harvest offtake service as per contract.


We Ride Nature Piggyback.

Artificial intelligence to predict the weather accurately.

 IRDA leverages predictive analytics and data to transform when and how crops are grown. Weather intelligence optimize productivity, minimize risk and reduces irrigation costs.

Look Deep Into Nature

We take advantage of Kenya’s high solar irradiation density to optimize photosynthesis for higher crop yield per unit area.

The Sun is an indispensable ally.

Study Nature, Love Nature

 We evangelize regenerative agriculture practices and methods to help our contracted farmers rebuild their soils back better. Better use of manure, and creating conditions to trigger natural permaculture establishment. Increasing carbon ratio in the soil.


Just Let It Rain

IRDA sentisizes contracted farmers on the benefits of reforrestation and pivoting from woodfuel to mitigate climate change. Our production is cheaper and more efficient when tied to predictable rain seasons.

We mitigate water stress with a mobile irrigation system. The farmers only pay for use .

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