Empowering Farmers

Regenerative Agriculture

Our regenerative agriculture program transforms smallholder women & youth farmers into stewards of the land.

Through holistic practices like crop rotation, minimum tilling and cover crops, we boost soil fertility, ensuring sustainable, high-yield farming for a brighter, more resilient future.

We leverage regenerative farming innovations and technologies to decarbonize smallholder offtake farming.

Virtual Extension

Our Virtual Extension service leverages sub 30cm native resolution satellite imagery, multispectral imagery, innovation, Agtech platforms, predictive weather and climate analytics to provide personalized, remote support to smallholder women & youth farmers.

Through virtual training and real-time assistance, we empower farmers with the knowledge and resources needed to thrive in regenerative agriculture, mitigating climate risks and boost productivity.

Value Addition

Upstream integration of smallholder farmers in our value chain empowers women & youth farmers to maximize income from their harvests.

We invest in value addition facilities, provide a guaranteed fair price market and offtake 100% of contract farmers harvest.

We add value to the produce, creating a range of marketable products.

Value and shelve life addition eliminates post harvest losses and ensures farmers can secure higher incomes and build more sustainable livelihoods in a circular economy.

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