Sugar beet bio - refinery 2024-27

Bio-refinery; Industrial sugar. Ethanol fuel. Biopolymer feedstock & Fortified livestock feed pellets

Green Energy. Power Alcohol fuel

Biorefinery to manufacture power alcohol fuel for blending with petrol and diesel and clean cooking.

A low-cost alternative clean cooking solution to displace expensive smoke-polluting kerosene, charcoal, and firewood for poor households.

Fortified feedbeet pellets

Fortified High energy and crude protein density feed pellets.

We strive to give our customers, dairy and beef, sheep , goat and pig farmers an unfair advantage in the market.

I.R.D.A will remove the load on the womens back, teary premature death cooking smoke pollution from homes and put good money in their pockets

We contract rural women feedbeet and sugar beet farming for for offtake. Empowering them to afford clean cooking solutions & improved livelihoods.

Adopt the pace of Nature

Green energy is a fit for African foods and big families. Maize and beans, Stews, and everything in between. Zero smoke and particulate matter pollution.

Power ethanol is a low-cost clean energy. A drop in substitute for expensive imported fossil fuels and LPG. It's grown by local farmers, creating jobs, income, and wealth, and processed locally for use locally.

Go Along With the Nature

In a beet biorefinery, nothing goes to waste. Its a circular economy.

There is always a better way of doing anything that is done. We are a team of critical thinkers that are always looking at the better option of doing anything that we do. Why import kerosene and LPG when you can put the jobless to grow power ethanol feedstocks, create jobs & wealth locally

We thrive by questioning widely held briefs, making connections between seemingly disparate ideas to see what no one else can see.

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