IRDA Bio refinery 2025/26

Lookin Deep Into Nature for Sustainable Solutions.

IRDA contracts poor rural women to sugar beet  farming. Improving their incomes to afford clean cooking solutions amongst their other needs. Lifting the backbreaking loads off their backs.

Empowering women living in poverty to become small scale entrepreneurs earning sustainable living wage incomes.

Environmental and Body Health Living.

IRDA evangelizes and enables healthy & environmentally friendly lifestyles. We are patent grantee for a power alcohol clean cooking solution. 

A by-product of a sugar beet surplus in the future is clean cooking power alcohol, pivoting the poor from harmful wood fuel.

Creating a Sustainable Circular Economy.

Our project pipeline is intentionally circular and sustainable at every tier of the integrated impact and business models. Nothing goes to waste. We extract carbon dioxide from the air and dump oxygen back into the environment to keep us alive 

Our most valuable inputs are all-natural. The sun to drive photosynthesis, chlorophyll in the leaves to store solar energy and convert it to glucose with water through the roots and carbon dioxide from the air. Glucose can be converted to fuel, plastic, food, drink, the polymers we wear and the energy that keeps us alive.

Creating Rural Jobs for Women and Youth.

Working women invest 90% of their income back into their families and community

We can never achieve prosperity when women are languishing in poverty. They must be drivers and co-owners of economic development and wealth creation.

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