Drought Tolerant


Who we are

We exist to help farmers improve crop and livestock performance

We create efficiencies that result in improved profits

Why we are here.

We want to give our customers an unfair advantage.

What makes us different

Our approach is to leverage multiple partnerships and data sources quickly and efficiently.

From before planting to harvesting and value addition.

We put in the hands of farmers, our technology partners’ Analysis, machine learning, and computer vision expertise and deliver it in a way that farmers can use it easily. 

We leverage innovation, cutting-edge technology, exceptional global partnerships, and team to build climate resilience, increase productivity, reduce costs, and progressively double, triple, or quadruple African crop and livestock farmers’ incomes.

We know we can make a difference for our customers. We are fully aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

 The impact is our currency.

By making our crop and livestock farmers more efficient, we strip out cost, improve yield and deliver increased profit.

Our drought-tolerant feedbeet variety de-risks crop, livestock, and pastoralist farmers from climate change shocks.

Saves on feed costs, increase productivity and incomes

90% saving on feed costs and up to 60 % increase in productivity. Doubling farmer’s income.

Livestock converts dry matter into muscle, meat, or milk.

Digestibility is a  measure of livestock’s efficiency in converting dry matter into meat, milk, or both.

We walk the journey with our farmers from end to end at no cost to them.

Farmers have no alternative pathway to success other than to adopt data in making daily decisions.


Drought Tolerant feedbeet has the highest dry matter and nutritional value yield compared to traditional fodder and is the most climate change resilient and adaptation fodder crop in the market.

Transfer of know how and technology to rural farmers

I.R.D.A Trains livestock farmers who procure planting bundles from land preparation, planting, growing to harvest, and feeding their livestock at no cost. We train farmers how to prepare a feedbeet based Total Mixed Rations diet with locally available inputs. Positioning them ahead of the livestock feed cost curve. Our focus is on maximizing customer benefits.

The feedbeet cost advantage

Feedbeet is substantially cheaper than commercial maize-based animal feed. It is more digestible, with less than 8% waste compared to 38% for commercial animal feeds. It gives farmers a cost and income advantage over other feeds.

Just Let It Rain

We wish it rains when it's expected. But it doesn't. Nature is broken and it's wiping out the livelihoods of the most vulnerable in society. We are soliciting donations to help us fund bore holes in marginalized locations where humans, livestock, and wildlife can access water and we can use it to grow feedbeet reserves to weather climate emergencies.

Livestock farmers who grow and hold reserves of feedbeet can build resilience, ride through and manage climate change shocks and stresses.

Creating a new feedbeet value chain and a sustainable economy sector

Building farmers resilience to climate change shocks in

Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia & Ghana

Dairy and beef cattle

Pig and piggery feeding

Sheep , goat and Camel

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