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Improving Smallholder Farmers' Incomes.

Positive change is diven by new ideas and innovation.

Inadequate nutrition is the major cause of low live weight gains, infertility , low milk , meat yield and other issues in livestock.

Plagued by high commercial feed costs and low milk prices, smallholder dairy farmers are overwhelmed. Spending over 70% of their income on poor energy density agricultural waste feeds. They realize less than 50% of potential milk yields.

Subsistence farmers are living in poverty due to lack of good wage jobs or a cash crop revenue stream. To create shared value at the base of the pyramid, we contract sugar beet farming to subsistence farmers. Sugar beet has the highest energy value at the lowest cost in the market. We buy the beet from subsistence farmers and sell it to dairy farmers. They reduce their feed costs and improve their incomes.

Advisory Board.

Jayalakshmi Yalia

Ph.D Early -Stage Company Building

Liz Wangari

LLM. Advocate

James Kariuki.

CEO. Patent Grantee

Susan Eddins

BSc. Commercial Strategies.

Esther Ngumbi

Ph.D. Entomology. Agriculture

Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Improved livelihoods
Years of experience. 6 months
Contracted farmers

IRDA leverages precision agriculture and technology to improve the productivity, output, and incomes of smallholder subsistence and dairy farmers in a centrally managed contract business model.

Access to precision agriculture

We place Precision agriculture tools and software at the disposal of subsistence farmers. They don’t need to own or operate the technology. It works for them on a pay-for-use basis.

This model places smallholder unit production costs at par with the developed world farmers.

It Is a Gift to struggling dairy farmers.

 Availability of a high energy and protein density homegrown fodder for livestock farmers is a gamechanger for the sector.

Dairy farmers can compete on a pound-for-pound basis with their peers across the region and globally.

IRDA is implementing an innovative and creative out of the box solution to generate value for all stakeholders through increased revenues and reduced costs.

We love co-creating and wisdom of the crowd ideas. Contact us or leave your comments on the blog page.