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The team has embraced first principal thinking to solve the problem we are trying to solve. We analyze information and data objectively, identify and evaluate arguments and make informed decisions.  We question widely held briefs, make connections between seemingly disparate ideas and essentially see what no one else can see.


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I.R.D.A. Ltd is pivoting livestock farmers in Africa to embrace climate Resilient Agricultural systems for sustainability and profitability.


Provides an adaptation pathway to 250 million livestock herders in Africa. They herd their animals on rangelands providing milk and meat inefficiently. Pastoralists are key to food security in drylands, highlands, wetlands and shrublands where crop production is difficult. Drought tolerant feedbeet, a climate adaptation crop, enables pastoralists to condition and fatten their livestock during drought conditions and realize maximum prices instead of selling their livestock when their weights and prices are lowest.

Intensive livestock farmers.

I.R.D.A Ltd is very focused on being ahead of the curve on the challenges smallholder and large scale dairy farmers and and Dairy milk Cooperative societies face. Whole feedbeet or fortified feed pellet provides livestock: dairy and beef , pig and piggeries, sheep and goats, camels and small stock tremendous amounts of energy and crude protein at a cost advantage . Saving farmers up to 90% on costs, increasing productivity by more than 45 % . Effectively doubling the farmers incomes.

Substituting maize based animal feeds with low-cost feedbeet based formulations will end the stiff competition for maize between Africans and their livestock, in a food deficit Continent. The outcome is a drop in prices for both human food and livestock feed.

Kenya's 2 million dairy farmers lose 10 million liters of milk per day due to underfed cows. Leaving USD 4 million per day on the table

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