Near real time satellite technology to help farmers maximize their profits.

AgTechnology for precise monitoring of crops

The ability to pinpoint the exact location of a crop health issue or a problem long before the human eye / agronomist can see it will benefit African Farmers and put more money in their pockets

Using machine learning, computer vision and high resolution imagery for remote agronomy

Hi Resolution imagery and infrared mapping

We are working with several partners to provide farmers with near real time actionable data and insights from multiple platforms. to help them mitigate climate risks, plan better , improve productivity and incomes.

High Resolution Satellite Imagery, Multispectral mapping and Tasking.

Applying computer vision and machine learning to farming.

Infrared spectroscopy. Determining Livestock Feeds Nutritional Value on the spot.

Underfed livestock in Africa leaves billions of dollars of wasted productivity and value on the table. In Kenya, 2 million dairy cows leave 1 billion dollars annually of lost milk productivity on the table due to lack of accurate livestock feed nutritional value data by livestock farmers.

The goal of any livestock diet is to efficiently provide adequate amounts of crude protein and energy. To achieve optimal productivity or weight gains at the lowest cost. We train livestock farmers to prepare a Total Mixed Rations (TMR) diet for their livestock with locally available raw materials, guided by a TMR App. and local infrared spectroscopy nutrition data.

Satellite remote sensors and machine learning.

We apply satellite sensors and machine learning to pinpoint farm anomalies like weed, pests, diseases, water stress and fertility problems long before the human eye can see anything wrong and alert the farmers. Reducing their losses, increasing yields and income.

A platform that is purpose built for agriculture. We leverage multiple data sources quickly & efficiently

30 cm resolution sugar beet farm satellite imagery. Kajiado Kenya.

NDVI map for Kajiado sugar beet farm from satellite sensors

Ethanol fuel Clean cooking Technology.

Infrared LPG and NLG Grilling Technology.

Quick, juicy and crusty grilling

It's time to switch to Green clean cooking and grilling.

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