Why we do it

Extreme poverty and climate change shocks are interrelated and man made. We are addressing both simultaneously .

Acute addiction to wood fuel has been catalytic to desertification with severe outcomes. Driving extreme poverty at the bottom of the pyramid

We train and contract smallholder farmers to grow sugar beet for offtake, feeding their livestock or for sale to their neighbors' to put money in their pockets and improve their livelihoods.

Sugar beet is a climate adaptation fodder.

Climate adaptation traits of sugar beet puts it at the pole position compared to pasture and other fodder crops.

Fodder beet is 90% cheaper than priced out maize based animal feeds and increases milk and meat production due to its higher digestibility rate. Doubling livestock farmers incomes.

Drought tolerant feedbeet keeps livestock alive , conditioned for higher productivity and live weight gain during drought periods.

Majority of livestock farmers cannot afford overpriced maize based animal feeds resulting in a 60% drop in livestock productivity, loss of livestock costing the sector more than $5 billion annually by Kenya farmers

The nutrient content of whole sugar beet is typically 24% dry matter, 12-18% crude protein, 44% Neutral Detergent Fiber and 90-94% Total Digestible Nutrient making it an excellent energy source. Its 76% water making it an excellent stand alone whole beet fodder.

Cattle feeding on highly palatable whole sugar beet.

This farmer increased milk yield by 44% three days after feeding feedbeet. Translating to 44% higher income.

We educate partner smallholder farmers to increase and strengthen their resilience and adaptive capacity to climate related disasters like drought.

We kickstart smallholder farmers to grow sugar beet for offtake, earning them an attractive new income stream.
Enabling them to afford clean cooking ethanol fuel and cook tops.
To escape premature deaths and ailments caused by wood fuel smoke pollution, mitigate desertification and climate change shocks.

Smallholder farmers offtake sugar beet is processed into sugar, clean cooking ethanol fuel and fortified livestock feed pellets.

We innovated and manufacture a high performance infrared gas grill to displace inefficient, expensive and smoke polluting charcoal roasting in the market.

If you would like to invest in scaling Green, Resilient and Inclusive Development in the Horn of Africa,

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