What we do

Contract farmers to grow drought tolerant sugar & feed beet.

100% Seed germination rate.

Beet harvested for off take, value addition or fresh livestock feed

Processed into clean cooking bio fuel and fortified feed pellets.

Sugar beet is cold crystallized into white or industrial sugar.

Patented clean ethanol fuel Cook Tops manufactured in Kenya.

Proprietary LPG / LNG Infrared Grill manufactured in Kenya.

Consumer Centered Product engineering. Feedback loop.

Spreading happiness everywhere.

What We Do

We Make Nature and people Smile

We have innovated a circular economy value chain. Pivoting low income earners at the bottom of the pyramid from unsustainable wood fuel addiction to sustainable clean and green ethanol fuel to save forest cover and mitigate global warming. We have intentionally integrated smallholder farmers in the value chain to ensure they can afford the clean cooking solution from their beet sale income.

We are an equal opportunity Social Enterprise for men and boys, women and girls and the physically challenged.


Go along With Nature

Acess to technology

Transfer technology and knowhow to our farmers, We provide them with free, end to end satellite based agronomy at no cost.

Look Deep Into Nature

We complement nature in everything we do,

Taking care of the environment.

A healthy environment will take care of us in return.

When will it rain?

Leverage technology , AI and Predictive analytics to ride the rain seasons.

Would you like to join us in creating sustainable value?

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