Who we are

We have built an exceptional team of creative thinkers and Industry partners. A careful blend of experience and youthful exuberance. Passionate about realizing the Sustainable Development Goals, SDG’s, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, GESI. We solve problems from the first principles.

There is always a better way of doing anything that is done anywhere including what we do. We are always trying to look at that option.
We question widely held briefs, make connections between seemingly disparate ideas and essentially see what no one else can see. To stay ahead of the curve.


Numbers Speak For Themselves

Early Adopter Farmers
Years In Market

We are passionate about achieving a set of target outcomes.

We are guided by very strong integrity values. Everyone is happy and passionate in what we do, The team communicates freely and jointly set goals and outcomes to achieve . We continuously challenge the status quo and push boundaries. Its a learning curve from complimentary team skills sets and experiences. We value leadership, delegation, collaboration and team work.

Bold risk takers.

We have a culture of creativity outside the box and affinity for positive change. We learn from fast forward failures how to execute better.

We enjoy working together. Understanding, listening to and co-creating solutions with focus customers that are a cure for their pains and fit for purpose.

7o% of the worlds' population live in extremely poor conditions in rural areas worsened by climate change shocks. We are passionate about integrating them in simple, innovative, scalable and sustainable business models. To put money in their pockets, improve their livelihoods, actualize SDGs and GESI Goals. Are you interested in helping out?

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