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About Us

I.R.D.A ltd is an Equal Opportunity AgTechnology Social Impact Enterprise leveraging innovation, satellite agriculture sensors and a cognitive AI purpose built platform for agriculture to reduce costs, increase crop, livestock  and pastoralist farmers productivity, incomes and profit.

We exist to help farmers build resilience, mitigate climate change shocks, and create efficiencies that gives them an unfair advantage in the market.


IRDA's Tropicalized Sugar beet variety

Drought tolerant sugar beet

Sugar beet has the highest sugar, energy and crude protein content compared to all other fodder crops.

A more efficient source of sugar

Higher sugar productivity per acre than sugar cane. Higher sugar content. Shorter maturity period.

Climate Change adaptability crop

Sugar beets' 7-10 feet deep tap root enables it to reach for moisture deeper than most other fodder crops and forages.

IRDA's sugar beet circular economy value chain.

Rapid Product Market Fit.

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