Hello world!

Welcome to I.R.D.A Ltd. Join us in co creating a better world for everyone.

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  1. Hello,
    We leverage Disruptive Innovation, AgTechnology, Climate smart Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive analytics to mitigate climate change shocks and variabilities on crop, livestock and Pastoralist farmers.

    Our Theory of Change is to aggregate and commercialize peasant crop, livestock farmers and Pastoralists. Pivot them to Data Driven, high value sustainable offtake contract farmers.

    The Outcomes is a desirable alignment of Bottom of the pyramid farming with the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, and Gender Equality Social Inclusion, GESI Principals.

    Our prototype experience convinced us to scale SDGs and GESI through smart, bottom-up agri-business for profit, social, environmental impact sustainable industrial agri-business models.

    We invite Wisdom of the crowd input, participation and co-creation for execution.


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